Modern Pai Sho

Modern Pai Sho is used on the Legend of Korra game online.



There is a relance of Modern Pai Sho under the name of PaiJo. It's playable in 2D or in 3D on modern browsers.



Modified 18x18 Board

Pieces each player:

3 Water

3 Fire

3 Air

3 Earth

1 White Lotus

1 Avatar


The game is for 2 or 4 player set up as in the images below


2 Players:                                                      4 Players:


The Game goes as follows:

You can only move one tile per turn. Each piece can only move to a space directly adjacent to it, or jump a piece that is owned by the player moving.



Water: Wins against Earth, Losses to Air, Neutral with Fire

Fire: Wins against Air, Losses to Earth, Neutral with Water

Earth: Wins against Fire, Losses to Water, Neutral with Air

Air: Wins against Water, Losses to Fire, Neutral with Earth


Avatar: Wins against Every, Losses to Every, Neutral with none

White Lotus: Wins against none, Losses to Every, Neutral with none


The White Lotus piece can't jump and has one turn to escape "death" when it becomes in danger.


Ever piece that become adjacent with a piece that it beats removes that piece, and if it is adjacent to a piece that beats it, it is removed.

The Avatar piece beats any piece it attacks, and is beaten by any piece that attacks it. It then respawns at it's starting location if no piece is in the Avatars starting location(the place in started the game at) and no enemy piece is attacking that spot.


After a piece is moved, it can be moved again to jump any piece owned by the player (this can be done as the first move too) any number of times, with the exception of the White Lotus, which can't jump any piece.


When the White Lotus in under attack rather than instantly be removed from the board, it has one turn to be moved to a save location, if that proves impossible the attacking player has won.


You win either by killing the opponents white lotus, or getting your safely to the center of the board for one full turn cycle.