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Elemental Pai Sho

Page history last edited by teddy 13 years, 11 months ago


In the game there are 8 elements: earth, fire, wind, water, nature, neutral and spirit. Elements which are opposite of each other are disharmonious e.g fire is disharmonious with water.


Earth tiles can only be placed on red or white squares and can stop harmonies even if it isn't "disrupting a harmony" by being next to one of the tiles. Harmonies with an earth majority will allow the player to place multiple tiles or send every tile in a 1 square radius back to the reserve pile.  

Fire tiles can only be placed at the east,west or home port. When a fire tile is destroyed by the affect of a harmony it will destroy the weakest tile in that harmony. Harmony with a fire majority can destroy a tile anywhere on the board equally or less than it's level.

Wind tiles can be placed anywhere on the board. Able to move double the regular amount of squares. A harmony with a wind majority allows you to move as many pieces as are in the harmony to any other place. 

Water tiles can only be placed on the yellow squares. Pieces placed by a water tile are allowed to move once in the same turn. A harmony with a water majority can revive one of your pieces in the "Pot".

Nature can enhance any harmonies created. Any enhanced harmony will give additional points. Nature tiles can only be taken by a fire or neutral tile. 

Neutral can harmonise with any element and create chains easily. You can place 2 neutral tiles in the pot from the board in order to cancel out the effect of a harmony. 

Spirit tiles can't capture or be captured and can land on any square even if their is a piece present there. If the tile the spirit is on gets captured the player can chose to sacrifice the spirit to save the tile. If a tile with a spirit on is moved then the spirit is moved as well. If a tile with a spirit tile on is part of a harmony then it allows you to place a more powerful spirit or other tile.

P.S All harmonys can be used to give points

P.P.S these are just ideas

Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 1:57 pm on Nov 17, 2006

But are the other tiles (Ship, rock, etc) the same?
This variation doesn't seem to supply really any difference in gameplay.

Anonymous said

at 11:56 pm on Jun 27, 2007

No defence was made, and this isn't a real variation. I'm removing the link from the variations page, but keeping the page here.

Java said

at 11:08 am on Nov 9, 2015

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, Neutral, Spirit...What's the eight? I'd suggest using Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit, Change, Balance, but the 5th season of Korra wasn't released, so that's only 7 too. Try W, E, F, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, or Light, Dark, Spiritual, Physical...idk, but you say it's for 8 and you only have 7

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