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This section is marked as an "Out of Character" Area.




The goal of this wiki is to help create a game that primarily is a fun game to play and secondarily fits in with the spirit of the game described in the TV show Avatar: the Last Airbender. Unfortunately there is very little revealed about the game in the show, and so that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.


I have set down some basic ideas, like a basis on Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) but nothing is set in stone if it can be adequately shown that there is a better way.


Etiquette Guide

Some suggestions so everyone can enjoy this site:


* Feel free to edit. It's hard to do something that's not undoable. You don't need permission from the "owner" to edit this wiki.

* Racist/sexist/hate sentiments of any kind are not welcome here.

* Please also keep it clean (TV Y7 rating) this fits with the show and there are fans of all ages.

* Please try to be as clear as possible in your grammar and spelling. Feel free to fix grammar and spelling on pages, but if you don't understand what the author meant, ask by leaving a comment. Remember to use spellcheck after you edit something.

* If you start editing a page, but change your mind, don't forget to click "Cancel"; otherwise, you will still have a lock on the page, preventing other people from editing it.

* If a page is reverted, and you believe it was unfair, use the comments button to reach a mutual agreement.

* Please respect other people's ideas on this wiki. Work to incorporate others' ideas into your own rather than just deleting them (in improv acting this is called "yes and..."; it's the same kind of idea).

* Please don't delete other people's comments. I'll get rid of ones I think are breaking rules (feel free to delete your own comments). If you think your comment was deleted wrongfully, or see a comment you feel should be deleted, contact me at Foolster@Juno.com


Please note that all content here is under the creative commons licence. By posting here you are agreeing to release posted content under this license. No part of this content (i.e. rules) may be claimed, copyrighted or used for commercial use. 

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Richard said

at 6:34 pm on Jan 23, 2010

There were lots of spelling mistakes on this page, I fixed it up a bit.

Mace said

at 11:06 pm on May 22, 2011

I added a CC disclaimer. There was only one case of someone on another wiki using this content without linking back/ acknowledging here, and I wanted to be sure, in addition to the mention of the licence on the front page.

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