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PaiJo is a relance variation of the Modern Pai Sho, or also known as Nick Pai Sho.  


The rules of a (standard) game can be found on the Modern Pai Sho page.


The main reason PaiJo is called to life is because the Modern Pai Sho is an easy to learn, yet a flattering Pai Sho variation (and also maybe in some ways cannon) that combines Chess, GO and (Chinese) Checkers all in one.

Subsequently, the official Nickelodeon Game is not widely available anymore (and was a flash game that will stop working on browsers end 2020).


There are two ways to play PaiJo;

* a 17x17 board 

* a "SkudPaiSho board"



Example image 2D game: 



Example image 3D game: 



The PaiJo variation has some small adjustable playstyles;

* DOMINANCE:  in this mode you do not try to reach the centre with the White Lotus, so you must be the last player with his/her White Lotus in the game.

* Harmony: on the 17x17 board you must be the first to reach to the centre with your White Lotus, while on the SkudPaiSho board you must get - as the  first player -  your White Lotus one tile behind the centre.


Both boards make it possible to play a game with two to four players. 


Sources to play PaiJo:

2D:  versus AI, Pass & Play, 4-player multiplayer

3D: Pass & Play or 2 player multiplayer (without set rules) 17x17 board - SkudPaiSho board


There is some development to make a version implementable on SkudPaiSho. Although, nothing guaranteed.


Note 2:

The 2D & 3D games of PaiJo are on GitHub. You can check them through here (2D) and here (3D) on Github. 



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