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The Pai Sho Board

Page history last edited by Red Kutai 14 years, 3 months ago

The game is played on a circular board with an 18x18 square grid with the corners cut off. In the center is a diamond shape divided in to four quarters with white and red at opposite corners. A Pai Sho board has 256 spaces on it. The board begins the game with no tiles placed on it. In some variants, tiles are placed on the intersections, or “points”, of the board, while others utilise the grid spaces.





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Comments (19)

Yi Chen said

at 12:08 am on Sep 10, 2011

In the various variations of the game of Pai Sho we have seen new tiles being created and I was wondering as to how people would feel about the use of different board designs?

Cyril said

at 3:14 am on Sep 10, 2011

Yeah, the idea should be nice. Boards that are - for example - very narrow, but much longer than the normal board, could be an interesting new challenge.

PS: Should i add you to my mailing list for the newly formed "Pai Sho Rule Set Workgroup"? Information can be found at "Suggestions: What Cyril thinks", in case you didn't read it already.

Yi Chen said

at 9:54 am on Sep 11, 2011

Yes, please add me to the mailing list.

Cyril said

at 10:01 am on Sep 11, 2011

Well, then. What is your adress? ^^ Just send me a mail, i'll get it from there.

Azuho said

at 4:54 am on Sep 10, 2011

Hi Cyril, I know I´m just lurking here, but i´m very interested in any news or developments on paisho rules. Could you add me, too to your mailinglist, please.^^

Cyril said

at 5:01 am on Sep 10, 2011

No, problem! We're just forming the group, but I'll add you. As soon as we're ready, I'll send a mail around how to procees further.

Azuho said

at 5:25 am on Sep 10, 2011


Agarfaug Gollor said

at 11:38 am on Dec 24, 2011

Ouhm.. I don't know why nobody noticed it, but i think all the boards are wrong!
(Hard words, i know).

The tips called ports aren't red in the series. There should be 4 colors, because the ports are brown or dark red in the series, and the triangles in die middle are light red, so all ports are - like the yellow areas - darker than the middle and in that fact neutral..
But on this side all ports are red like the center triangles. Why?!

See here:

Osuji said

at 6:37 am on Dec 25, 2011

Nice catch! But no cause for alarm for two reasons. First is in other shots of the board the colors match more closely so this is likely to be animator error or artistic licence, or more likely the result of red and yellow being overlapped. The second is even if we decide the coloration in this image is canon it diesn't have any affect on play. Compare it to most other game boards. Its not the color but the geometry of the playing area that makes a difference. You don't play chess differently if the squares are green and pink. So we don't need to worry about this oversight except maybe for the purists to make some new boards. ;-7

Agarfaug Gollor said

at 6:42 am on Dec 26, 2011

Just was confused because i saw 4 colors on the board, but here everybody talks about 3 colors, and somewhere on this page are two guys talking about the problem, that white flowers can't be played at red areas but have to be placed in the ports, and the boardimages say that the ports are red.. so i think it should be clearly written here that the ports are no red area (you can't talk about red areas in the rules when you have boards with red areas but for the rules they're not red.. if you think it's not the color but the geometry, than imo the rules had to include it and to say "white flowers can not be played in the red areas in the centre diamond") and maybe the images of the boards should change a little bit (making the ports a bit darker to differentiate) to prevent the confusion for some people, because there is definatly confusion, i just saw it here...

Osuji said

at 6:50 am on Dec 27, 2011

I agree using colors to describe the board can be confusing and imo should be avoided. I favor a notational system based on what is used in the game of Go with the addition of "garden" names based on the points of the compass. That said, using color descriptions probably can't be avoided completely if we are going to include more than 2 colors. But I suppose I should read the discussion you reference before commenting further. Dont suppose you recall on which page you read it?

Agarfaug Gollor said

at 12:57 pm on Dec 27, 2011

Gnah, damn it! Why is ther no opportunity to delete my newest comment and recomment it as a reply here? ↓

Red Kutai said

at 1:30 pm on Apr 17, 2012

Very interesting, indeed; I've long thought that colouring (or at least considering) the 'ports' brown would be much clearer, but I thought that was only a personal preference. It seems at least one artist for the series thought likewise.

As Osuji points out, it doesn't really matter, and there are examples where the colouration is clearly more similar, but the fact that this offers at least a rudimentary canonical basis for making such a board is certainly worth noting...

Agarfaug Gollor said

at 12:54 pm on Dec 27, 2011

OK, just found it again. Have a look at the "Wiki Pai Sho" Page, Comments at Aug 29, 2010 and Sep 1, 2010 from metsik, Buddy and at last Cyril, who commented that the ports colored red, but in his opinion they are neutral.
I just wonder why the most people say the ports are neutral, the ports are red and there are special rules for the red areas. I think one of those should be changed, or at last it should be written down clearly that the red ports are neutral. But imho, the ports should be way darker than the central diamond - just like the Pai Sho board from that snapshot i posted. You said in other shots the colors are more closely - mabye you have some images for me or you know the other episodes in which Pai Sho appeared..

I don't have anything against the use of color descriptions for the rules, but imho the ports aren't the same red as the diamond, and i don't get why the whole page thinks they are the same red... ^_^

Cyril said

at 1:08 pm on Dec 28, 2011

I agree. Of course the ports are neutral, and therefore it's true that they should have a color that has a clear difference to the red ports. Your idea seems logical to me.

Osuji said

at 2:42 pm on Dec 28, 2011

BTW not saying different color ports is a bad idea. Im saying 1 clearly different colors would be best but not seen in the show. 2 a slightly darker shade of red does not make this clear enough. so 3 to keep close to the show keep them the same shade of red and write clearer rules to remove the confusion. thist results in 4 less work for the new guys by not adding yet another color to the manufacturing process.

Cyril said

at 2:18 am on Dec 29, 2011

You're right. Three colors was enough for me ^^

Osuji said

at 2:23 pm on Dec 28, 2011

after reading the comments and reviewing the rules it seems the color of the ports is not the problem. its the ambiguity of the rule set. The rules should specifically state that ports are neutral and that white flowers can be wntered in them but once in play are constrained to the two red gardens and the fences which border them.

Osuji said

at 2:32 pm on Dec 28, 2011

Sorry I didn't link to pics showing same coloration. I did find some on my haed drive but Im using a smarr phone for my comments so its a bit restrictive. I will try to find time to locate the links online... but hard to promise when.

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