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questions about the harmonies and function of the rock and wheels

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Comments (2)

Cyril said

at 3:39 am on Jan 6, 2013

Firstly, what you show is a correct harmony in most rulesets.
Secondly, about blocking a harmony. It's true that a harmony is blocked if there is a tile (for example Rock or another flower tile) in between. In your example the harmony between Jasmin and Lily can NOT be blocked, because the two tiles are next to each other, so you can't put anything in between.
And by the way, if a blocked harmony is not the same as a disharmony (!). And tiles cannot be put in top of each other ^_^
I hope this was helpful. See you later on Lotusgambit.

Rodrigo said

at 8:10 am on Jan 6, 2013

and this is correct?

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